Do You Want More Leads From Linkedin?

We find the best formula for your company to generate and close high-quality prospects through Linkedin. Click below if you want to grow your business leads fast, request a FREE initial audit. 

  • Bespoke Linkedin lead generation campaigns
  • All in one lead generation services
  • GDPR compliant
  • Covering B2C & B2B services
  • Generated over 100,000 leads in 2017


We are a digital lead generator, working fast and at high quality to feed your hungry sales team. Working in B2C & B2B markets, both UK and Europe, our innovative websites fit with the best lead generation channels for your industry and our nurturing systems help you scale up marketing and sales efforts intelligently.

Fed up of providing low volumes of leads? Tired of paying lead generators and having no control? Take it all back with ZNC.

  • 100% exclusive leads to you
  • High-quality leads; you set the targeting
  • All-in-one lead tracking software
  • Real-time delivery to you
  • NO fixed fee retainers; lowers risk
  • You own all the assets

Our clients ♡ us because we get results

It’s a simple philosophy that keeps our clients happy, great work = great results. Contact to see if we’ve worked in your sector.

We create & run your Linkedin Lead Generation

Powerful channels, an all in one agency


Pay & get results. Commercially-focused lead generation services

We’ve developed highly effective Linkedin Lead Generation and Marketing strategies over the years, through our team of skilled experts. We stay current with all of the latest channels and methods, proactively sharing them with our clients.

Websites that convert

We design & build smart websites

We build sites not just to look pretty, we build them with facts. We’re a data-driven lead generation agency focused on ensuring your marketing budget has a healthy ROI.

  • Intelligence & real data taken from sources such as website heatmaps, screen recordings, user testing
  • Continually optimised and evolving websites; test, test, test!
  • Built with speed to meet short-term goals
  • Designed with potential for long-term expansion

Game-changing lead generation software

Manage & track your lead performance

ZNC Analytics is a game changer. It empowers you to make better decisions with more insight and at a faster pace. Say “goodbye” to Excel spreadsheets and time-consuming reporting tasks. Learn more about our Lead Generation Software.


Understand where your leads are coming from

We use bespoke Lead Generation Tracking Software, which means we can tell you which channel your converted leads came from, as the software will integrate with your CRM. So, if a £10,000 sale came in, you would know whether it was from SEO, PPC or Social. This means that you can report on, and react to, the marketing channels that actually work.


Nurture leads into actual sales

We help you look at how you nurture your Linkedin leads through your sales pipeline with tools such as email marketing, your LinkedIn profile, SMS messages and quality content.  Keeping your prospects interested is a great support to your sales team.


The Benefits of Using a B2B Lead Generation Agency

A B2B Lead Gen Strategy That Delivers

Lead Generation methods gathered over the course of 20+ years

Less risk & lower setup costs.

Dedicated Specialists for SEO, PPC, Social ads & LinkedIn

Full tracking software so we can tell you where your leads came from

We build websites that work, using wireframes & templates shown to generate leads

NO reliance on cold calling. Fully GDPR compliant through digital

Bespoke website assets designed to convert

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